Assembly By-Laws   ARTICLE II – Elections

Section 1. All officers shall be elected at the first regular meeting in May of each year. The officers shall hold office for a term of one year, beginning July 1, and until their successors are elected and qualified. Trustees shall be elected for a three year staggered term, as provided in Article VIII, Section 24(i) of the Laws and Rules of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus.

Section 2. The election of officers shall be by ballot. A majority of all the votes cast shall be necessary to elect. When only one candidate is proposed for a particular office and no further nominations have been made from the floor, the presiding Faithful Navigator shall declare the individual elected by acclamation.

Section 3. The Faithful Navigator shall appoint two members who shall not be candidates in the election to act as Tellers. After all who are entitled to do so have voted, the ballot shall be declared closed and the Tellers shall then proceed to count the votes. One of the Tellers shall examine each ballot singly and pass the same to his associate, who shall read aloud the name or names written or printed on all legal ballots. The Scribe shall tally the same and the result thereof shall be announced by the presiding officer.

Section 4. Each officer elected must qualify and fill the office to which he is chosen, with or without installation, at the first regular meeting in the month of July succeeding his election, unless excused by a vote of the Assembly, and must present himself for installation at the time specified in the notice issued by or through the District Master, unless excused by such officer. Otherwise such office shall be considered vacant.

Section 5. Vacancies in elective offices shall be filled, after notice to the members, by election at the regular business meeting next succeeding the regular meeting at which the vacancy was created.


Notice that nominations of officers for the coming Columbian Year will be in order will be announced at the March Assembly Meeting.  Contact Ronn Knowles if you wish to run –  The Nominating Committee shall render its report at the meeting in April.

Here is the slate of candidates from the Nominations Committee.  Posted April 26, 2017

Navigator Hans  Anter 14699
Captain Tom Gillespie 8336
Pilot Tom Collins 4922
Admiral John Gallagher 3926
Inner Sentinel Javier Castellon 12694
Outer Sentinel Lenny de Jesus 3926
Purser Nestor Tan 12694
Comptroller Tom Dodge 15733
Scribe Robert Giardina 6095
Three Year Trustee Art Diaz 6095
Two Year Trustee* Rudy Lopez 3926
One Year Trustee* Phil Sallaway 5385

*Elected during previous years.

Election will be held as the first item under new business at the May Assembly Meeting.  At that time other nominations may be made from the floor and nominations may not be closed until the election meeting has convened and the members are ready to ballot.  Contact Ronn Knowles if you wish to run –

Nominations do not require a second. Nominators will have 3 minutes to speak and the candidate will have 3 minutes to speak.